The Award is jointly organised by four of Malaysia's leading private sector non-profit organisations concerned with corporate environmental management and performance, namely:

  • Environmental Management & Research Association of Malaysia (ENSEARCH)

  • Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM)

  • Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MICCI)

The Award is endorsed by the Ministry of Environment and Water (KASA) and supported by the Department of Environment (DOE) and the private sector.



The Award will assist enterprises in identifying areas for improvement in environmental management for these industries. Indirectly, this initiative facilitates capacity building and development of partnerships to meet increasingly stringent environmental requirements and global environmental challenges.

The Prime Minister’s Hibiscus Award (Anugerah Hibiscus Perdana Menteri), first launched in 1996, is the premier private sector environmental award for business and industry in Malaysia. The Award, previously known as “Hibiscus Award”, was upgraded to the Prime Minister’s Hibiscus Award, following the approval of the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, YAB Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, in June 1998.