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Chairman Message

Inaugurated in year 1996, the Prime Minister's Hibiscus Award has developed sustainably. The Award could not have been successfully carried out over the years if not for the growing support of all participants and the contribution of volunteer-assessors and panel of technical advisers. On behalf of the Co-organisers, ENSEARCH, FMM and MICCI, I would like to express my deep appreciation to the team of assessors and experts for the excellent work done over the years.

Year 2016/2017 marked the twelfth cycle for the Prime Minister's Hibiscus Award. I am heartened by the response in the participation for this award each cycle despite the present economic downturn. The very positive response from the business and industry make it worthwhile to continue with the Award as it shows that what we are doing is on the right track.

Apart from giving recognition to participating companies in their commitment to reduce the impact of their own operations on the environment, the Award also serves to create environment awareness amongst enterprises yet to demonstrate environmental stewardship and for others to showcase their environmental accomplishment and leadership by participating in an award that keep abreast with global environmental demands and challenges.

To the participating organisations, let me congratulate you for demonstrating stewardship in the quest for sustainable development. It is known that businesses that achieve the desired level of sustainable development will gain a competitive advantage in the market, and obtain a good reputation amongst their stakeholders. The Award has an important and catalystic role in encouraging businesses to constantly evaluate their overall environmental performance and sustainability to meet the increasingly stringent environmental requirements and higher expectation of environmentally-conscious consumers.

 Lastly, my big thank you to all that have contributed to the success of the Prime Minister's Hibiscus Award and for making this Award a symbol of Malaysia's commitment to environmental leadership.