The Prime Minister's Hibiscus Award Challenge Trophy was sculptured by Datin Waveney Jenkins, a well-known artist resident in Malaysia during the 70’s through 90's. She now lives in The Isle of Man, Great Britain, as one of the several resident artists connected to the famous charitable Sayle Gallery.

When the Hibiscus Award was started in 1996 by the co-organizers, and the idea of a green hibiscus logo was conceived, Dato' Kok Wee Kiat, then the President of the Business Council for Sustainable Development Malaysia-BCSDM (now known as Business Council for Sustainability & Responsibility Malaysia-BCSRM), commissioned WJ to sculpt a bronze hibiscus to be donated by him as the Challenge Trophy for the Award. Bronze was chosen as it was WJ's main medium of artistic expression and likely to tinge green with oxidation. MJ had the wax mould created and then sent to England to have it cast as there was no craftsman in Malaysia up to the task. On its return, WJ refined it further to what it is now. The Challenge Trophy is unique and truly a work of art.